Privacy policy for employees

Privacy policy for employees

Superordinate data protection declaration

Information on data processing

Before entering our company, we process your personal data exclusively for the purpose of establishing a contractual relationship to the extent required.

Your personal data will be processed during the period of your employment or subsequently for the implementation and/or termination of the contractual relationship.

Once the respective purpose has been achieved, your data will be deleted in compliance with the statutory retention periods, i.e. generally 6 or 10 years, for various data categories such as occupational pension provision 30 years and longer.

Legal basis of the processing

Legal bases for the processing of your personal data are in particular:

  • Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) on the basis of your consent, whereby in principle no agreement is required for the conclusion of a contract or the continuation of an existing contract,
  • Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) for the establishment, performance and termination of a contractual relationship,
  • Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c) to fulfil a legal obligation,
  • Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) to safeguard a legitimate interest

Our legitimate interests are, for example, in

  • the implementation of electronic access controls;
  • the optimisation of personnel planning and resource planning;
  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations, requirements, industry standards and contractual obligations;
  • the assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims, including documentation purposes such as customer presence;
  • the avoidance of unnecessary expenses as well as the increase of efficiency and effectiveness;
  • the avoidance of official requirements, e.g. a driver's logbook edition;
  • the avoidance of damage and/or liability of the company by appropriate measures as well as their clarification, e.g. theft prevention and clarification for company vehicles.

Data collected by third parties

Using the ELSTAM procedure, we collect data on payroll accounting, which the tax authorities make available to us for correct accounting. This applies in particular to the payroll accounting data listed below. Third parties may inform us of misconduct with regard to the handling of official vehicles and in this connection we receive

Types of data processed by us

The following personal data will be processed:

  • Applicant data; name, date of birth, curriculum vitae, nationality/work permit, etc. for selection and recruitment procedures, entry and exit management;
  • private contact data; address, telephone number, email (for the purpose of contacting you);
  • Official contact data; e.g. telephone numbers, e-mail, place of work, job title, photo if applicable;
  • Identification/payment data; identity card data or work permit for identification and determination of the legitimacy of the employment, place of birth, marital status, tax identification number, health insurance membership, wage tax class, allowances, denominational affiliation for church tax, account number, any wage garnishments (for the purpose of payroll accounting and fulfilment of social security, tax law and other legal obligations);
  • Time recording data, vacation times, working time accounts, shift schedules, etc..;
  • Data on suitability for performance/behaviour control; training and further training information, data for the purpose of measuring target achievement, e.g. for variable remuneration components, data on disciplinary measures, data on violations of road traffic regulations ("nodules"), if applicable GPS data on vehicle movements;
  • other data in personnel administration: data within the framework of company health care and company health management, including radiation protection, occupational health and safety, any degree of serious disability, driving licence holders.

Categories of recipients

  • Bank service provider, if applicable service provider for calculating pension provisions
  • Service provider for the settlement of wages and salaries (tax consultant), auditor
  • Health, social and accident insurance carriers and other insurance undertakings
  • Authorities such as tax authorities, social security funds, employment agencies, if necessary safety, health, road traffic or related fine offices and other authorities
  • Company medical service
  • Business partners and customers (official contact data, qualification data and certificates, radiation protection data, if applicable)

The rights of employees are described in the superordinate data protection declaration.