Working at walter services: We keep our promises.

For more than 40 years, walter services has been a key player in the German customer service industry. With more than 1,700 members of staff at 9 sites, today we are one of the largest and most successful owner-operated companies. Major clients and large markets trust us – from HSE24 to Walbusch and Sky Deutschland. In this dynamic industry, walter services stands for security, seriousness and responsibility – and not only for our clients, but for our staff as well. We count on an open, successful and, above all, long-term working relationship. Many of our members of staff have been working with us for 10 and even 20 years. We’ve even celebrated a few 30th anniversaries too! And we do a lot to achieve this. We are one of the few companies in the customer services industry to offer a ver.di trade union wage agreement and support training and further education qualifications recognized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Of course, if you’re working for premium brands, you work best with premium equipment; therefore we provide our people with the most up-to-date IT infrastructure. But most importantly, if you work for us you can expect varied tasks, a fair wage, an open attitude and a range of chances and development opportunities – right from day one. Speaking of day one, on your first day at work at walter services, you’ll be given a structured, systematic introduction to the company and your position so that you can quickly find your feet. Of course we allow service center newbies plenty of time to learn the ropes and offer all the assistance they may need

Starting work at walter services: All beginnings are easy.
  • Personal introduction and team orientation

  • Extensive training on the topic of data protection and data security

  • Introduction to the so-called Code of Honor of the German Dialogue Marketing Association (DDV)

Project-specific technical training: The mini service-training camp
  • Basic training for your specific job and clients

  • Getting to know the clients’ products and services

  • Working with equipment, databases and software
On-the-job training: Go for it!
  • Supervised listening and telephoning

  • Intensive personal coaching

On the job: Every day but not everyday
  • Incorporation in the team
  • Support from your Team Leader, Trainer and Coach
Qualification Activities: Upgrade yourself
  • Increasing your personal service excellence

  • Learning and developing cross-project abilities such as communication training, sales training and more

  • Approval for the IHK examination, thus making training qualifications possible
Feedback: It´s good to talk.
  • Constant internal dialogue 

  • Continuous feedback and regular staff appraisals 

  • Specific refresher courses and training sessions as required

walter services from a to w.

  • Advantages

    Working at walter services is worth it. Our staff can take advantage of an exclusive discount scheme that saves them money on leisure, fashion, technology, travel and insurance.

  • Apprenticeships

    Those who work at walter services are good – and they have the potential to become even better. We don’t just train people up, we train them to go further. From professional newcomers to career changers – everyone has a fair chance with us.

  • Awards

    From first prize at “Deutsche Kundenchampions” for the service we provide to HSE24 to receiving an award for our ‘50+ campaign’ at our location in Cottbus – walter services is one of Germany’s most prestigious companies in the industry.

  • Brand

    How do you become a brand when you’re in the business of carrying out brand support for other brands? By looking after large, well-known names for over 37 years and ensuring more customer satisfaction. Today we are one of the largest and most successful customer service companies in Germany.

  • Career

    Those who grow have new perspectives. walter services constantly offers its staff new opportunities and development options – from specialists to managers, and it’s easier than you think. All current vacancies are clearly listed on the internal job site making the career ladder accessible right from your office. Many of our colleagues have demonstrated that going from an agent to a site manager is no pipe dream at walter services.

  • Compliance

    Why do we have a special compliance management? Because while credibility, honesty and sincerety play an important role in every relationship, they are of particular importance within a communications company.

  • Health management

    Of course you get to relax while you’re on holiday, but we’re more interested in how our staff feel in-between times. That’s why we organize a range of special offers geared around well-being at work with regular health days, expert health managers, specialized health-related offers and much more.

  • IT and technology

    Nothing is as old as yesterday’s computer and smartphone. So that we can successfully keep pace with the times, we require the latest equipment and so we provide our staff with the most up-to-date technology and infrastructure.

  • Market success

    Successful clients make us successful. Many of our clients come from important growth markets and are market leaders in their industries.

  • Pay scale

    A job well done should also be well paid. As one of the few companies in the industry offering the Ver.di trade union wage agreement, we don’t just offer the minimum wage but an entire package of fair conditions.

  • Staff communication

    We don’t call ourselves the ‘Communication Company’ for nothing – we really live up to this name with clear, open and uncomplicated communication. Every member of walter services staff can access daily updates about our sites, headquarters and the market via our intranet. Moreover, we also have our own SharePoint, a sort of internal ‘WhatsApp’. Here we can exchange ideas and communicate with all teams, departments and positions. This means that anyone can send a message to the CEO and will of course receive a personal reply.

  • Success

    You can really achieve your potential at walter. Excellent teaching, continuous training, intensive coaching, individual support and genuine qualifications are factors that can make each member of staff more successful. What’s more is that we’re always looking within the company for new talent. The intranet job site gives everyone the opportunity to ‘reapply’ internally and further develop their potential.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability starts with contemplation. This topic affects us, our clients and our environment, and we take responsibility for it in all areas – economically, ecologically and socially.

  • Working enviroment

    You probably know it well – you spend more time with your work colleagues during the day than you do with your family. For this reason a comfortable working environment is very important to us. And we do a lot to achieve this – summer fetes, Christmas parties, team and project events, health days, sporting events and shared social commitments make walter services an employer that does more than just talk shop.

  • Work-life balance

    Because there is life after work we offer a rolling shift rota system, free weekends, sufficient downtime and minimum working hours for staff who have longer journeys into work. All this goes without saying.

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